Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Afternoon

A tumbling block finished by Elsie - it's going to be sold at the MCC Auction next year.

Another that (I think) is headed for MCC, put together by Kath and Kathy.  Hand quilted by Dora.

Kath's Jelly Roll Race

Kathy's gorgeous pinwheels.  Her piecing is so precise.

Kath's venture into FMQ

Kath's joy quilt

Dora's double wedding ring, finished from a top that made its way to MCC.  Several stained pieces needed to be replaced and the border removed.  

Currently on Dorothy's new Millie.

Dorothy's experiments with FMQ on Millie

Dorothy's chair

A block by Dora.  She is going to take out the orange and put in a green.

Three more of Dorothy's tops

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