Thursday, September 16, 2010

First Meet of the Fall

We had our first meeting of the fall at Dora's.  The only people who couldn't be present were Shirley and Laura.  There were many show and tells.

This is Kath's quilt for one of her granddaughters.  Her daughter, Kristy, did the cross stitching.

The quilt on the left was made from squares culled from MCC.  Kathy S put it together.  It will be sold at MCC.

Another quilt that will be for sale at the MCC store made from pieces donated to the thrift store.

Same for the one on the back of this couch.

This is a quilt Lisa made using the "Quilt as you Go" method.  It took her approximately 8 hours to complete.

This is a quilt made from donated flannel that will go down to Mexico.

This is #3 in the Weekender sample fabric series.  It will be tied and sent down to Mexico as well.  Lisa will be really happy when all of that stretchy knit fabric is gone.