Friday, February 27, 2009

Bow Tie

Elsie has been working with ties lately. This is her fourth tie quilt. Check out her 1st one.

This quilt will be at the MCC auction next year.

Cool 9 Patch

Some of the ladies from LBCQ went to the guild meeting this week. They came back with a lot of stories and a new-to-us pattern. You start with a simple 9 patch. This one has 6" squares.

You then cut the nine patch into quarters and re-piece in any way you wish.

There are lots of pattern possibilities. It was suggested that it might be best if all your 9 patches had the same centre square before you cut them. It would provide continuity to the quilt.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Colouring at Kath's

Mrs Thiessen embroidered this gorgeous flower on a vine outlines for our group to use in a quilt. They were paneled along with the bold colours that you can see below. We quickly relized that the flower just didn't show to their full potential so we decided to colour them in.

Using crayons that will be come colour-fast after they are ironed, we went ahead and coloured. The basic rule of thumb: Stay inside the lines.

Anna the artist. Recall that these are done with crayons! Amazing!

Show and Tell: Dora


Feb 3 S and T: Kathy S

Kathy received some ready cut scraps from someone. She turned them into this:

Biscuit Quilt.