Friday, June 01, 2012

Finished Quilts

This past Saturday LBCQ had a quilting bee at the church.  For family reasons, I couldn't be there, but I stopped by Dora's yesterday and she showed me what was finished.

The first quilt is one of my "apple box" quilts, so named because I received three apple boxes full of fabric that I'm going to use to create quilts to be used for God's work.

The second quilt is one that Susan put together using fabrics that a local store called Hollands donated to us.  They very generously gave us a lot of fabric, much of which will be used as backs.

This quilt was made using fabric that Dora "snitched" from MCC so, of course, it is going back to MCC to be sold.  The apple box quilt will be sold at MCC as well.