Thursday, June 11, 2009

June 11

Play day at Susan's

Elsie and Dora picking fabric for a Iris wall hanging.

Their choices:

Susan and Dorothy working on their bags:

Dora brought finished pentagon shaped applique style pieces for everyone to sew a ball. This one is Lisa's:

Elsie's bag

Dora brought cake for the three June birthdays: Kath, Kathy and Lisa. We had lunch out on Susan's deck. It was such a nice day that some of us stitched our balls together on the deck afterwards.
Members present:
Susan, Dora, Kath, Kathy, Katherine, Anna, Shirley, Dorothy, Lisa, Elsie

Susan's Grandma's Attic

Kath's Show and Tell

Kath's quilt for one of her grandaughters. As she says: It's all done. Not three quarters finished: It's complete!

Square Yo-Yos!

Today we had a quilt day at Susan's. Anna came around 3pm with her show and tell. Square Yo-Yos.

The inspiration:

The template:
The two inch block:

Lots of them:
Anna is making yo-yos for the squares we are putting together from Dora's charm packages.