Saturday, January 14, 2012

Today at Dora's

There were a lot of show-and-tells at Dora's today.  Here is a quilt that Laura put together using a donated pieced top from one source and borders from another.  They look made for each other!  This quilt will be available to bid on at the 2013 Coaldale MCC Auction.

Dora's coasters

Laura and Elsie are making this for a wedding gift - it is king size and done entirely of plaid patterns.

Some of the things on Kath's to-do list:

Yo-yo vest #1
Dora's quilt made from the 100 charm pack that we all received a few years ago.

Kath's quilt and Dora's using the same fabrics.
Kathy's Angel quilt.

Yo-yo vest #2 and a pastel "Apple Box" quilt top from Lisa for LBCQ to tie.

Another "Apple Box" Quilt.

Susan, Tena, Judy and Norma were missing.  Katherine was going to come by in the afternoon after I left.  Please pray for Norma as she broke her arm and is going into surgery today.

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