Saturday, March 06, 2010

Library Quilt Show 2010 Pt 1

These are the quilts of the LBCQ quilt show at the Library.  Quilts in bold will be available for sale at the MCC relief sale.  Quilts with an * are part of our current raffle.

Sunflower by Dora
Winding Ways by Kelly
Scrappy Pinwheel Patch by Susan

Purple Jewel by Kelly, HQ by LBCQ
Woodland Clover by Susan HQ by LBCQ
 *Raffle Round Robin by LBCQ *

Daddy's Ties by Elsie
Red Union Square by Laura

Wholecloth Blue owned by Kath
28 Fat Quarters by Elsie
Sunset and Waves by Kath

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