Saturday, December 05, 2009

December Update

Note from the Editor - this is Kath's latest communication with the quilt group.  As I have been away from the group and therefore unable to post pictures, I thought this letter a perfect update.

Hello Quilting buddies,
It was confirmed with Susan today that we will meet at her place on December 10th from 10-2 or there about. Please let me or Susan know if you will be able to be there.

We have decided on finger food and Susan will provide the beverages.

Kath with attempt to demo the denim circle quilt with variations of a purse and several techniques for similar results. Dora has a Doll quilt to show and tell with this technique.

Susan has a pattern she picked up in Shelby on our day trip and will share it with us. It is a purse with several sizes available. It was shown in the fashion show there.

Dora will show Tena and whoever else who wants to see again, the smart bag we made previously.

I also would like to mention that Dora received another stash from the MCC store but directed toward our group. She is the sister of the lady who started with all the truck loads of fabric in the first place. It will be fun to get a quilt made and then invite her for coffee to see it in the future some time.

Please feel free to take books of raffle tickets from Dora or Susan, for sale. I also will try to remember to take along the posters for who ever wants them. If you know of a shop who will carry them for us, supply an envelope and a poster and make sure they know they are accountable and you are as well, to make sure nothing is lost in the process. We want to be good stewards of what God has given us.

Also, we have several prayer requests, and celebrations. Today is Katherine's 75th birthday. Dora brought cookies on Thurs. to celebrate and they were delicious. Dora always has that touch of comfort and joy.

Lisa was let go from the position she was expecting to return to after her maternity leave. Please pray for the perfect job replacement. Meaning where God would have her as a witness, where the money is adequate to the need and of course with timing so Cory will be able to watch the girls.

Shirley is up and running about after her second foot surgery but we all know she would appreciate the prayers on her behalf. It is not an easy situation when a loved one is needing assistance yet the care-giver is also under recovery. We trust her to our Lord's care. Hang in there Shirley.

Tena will be having surgery on the 16th I believe, to remove a growth in her bladder. Let us remember her during this time as it will be hard to be laid up during this busy season. We will pray that she heals quickly and is able to prepare for the Lord's birth and all the festivities that come along with that.

Ana will be in her exam season, not just the Christmas season. We miss you, friend.

Dorothy, Kath and Dora arrived safely home from their travels so that is a praise item. Also, I am sure that Elsie told me where she was off to this week but I do not recall. I do believe that John had surgery on his hand today and we could remember him. It will take extra patience for Elsie to keep up with the home and cooking as well as helping John since his hand will be out of service for some time. It would be great to remember the baby in our midst and hope Laura gets her sleep in between her busy life.

We must celebrate with Kathy S. on her great accomplishments with Happy hands. It is exciting to hear how much she has accomplished. I wish she had some pictures to show us but maybe just a conversation is good enough to catch the drift. She has really made a difference in someone's life with her work on behalf of the group at E Free.
Susan returned safely this morning from Calgary. The storm hit after she got in to Lethridge and that is a bonus at this time of year. Thank you again Susan for accommodating us at your home this coming Thursday.

I would like to close with a verse that I cut out of a card.

May the glory of God shine around you and His love always brighten your way.

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