Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Quilts for Japan

Hello members and friends,

The TSDG had initially tried to organize our own shipment of quilts to Japan in response to an email plea received by Marilyn Chamberlin. After several attempts to work with local businesses or individuals that did not firm up, we have learned of a bona fide Canadian group based in Calgary organizing a shipment of quilts to Japan to provide comfort to those affected by the recent earthquake/tsunami. I am excited to let you know that they are ready and willing to accept as many donated quilts as we are willing to send at no cost to us!!

The group is called Quilts for Japan and they are preparing to send a 40 foot container of quilts to Japan to be distributed by a recognized relief agency upon arrival in May. You can check out the group and all their plans at I have spoken to the coordinator, Bev Rogan, and she would like us to spread the word far and wide about this opportunity. The website clearly lists all the information required to participate.

The TSDG already has 12 quilts ready to go, if you would like to participate, here are ways you can help:

- donate a new quilt, no larger than 50 x 70 inches in size.
- include a photograph or letter of support placed in a zip lock baggie and pinned to your quilt with a safety pin.
- label your quilt with your own label or a Quilts for Japan label. (Cheryl will order a bunch to distribute)
- include a plastic shipping bag if possible (the kind that compresses the contents with a vacuum, I bought mine at Walmart).
- donations of extra vacuum bags are also welcome.
- spread the word to other groups in Southern Alberta who might want to participate.
- organize a work day and invite your TSDG friends to help make quilts.

Cheryl Atkinson will act as the local depot for TSDG members and their friends. Our collection deadline will be the date of the Spring Sale - April 30th, 2011. I will then transport our donations to the depot in Calgary the following day. I have been asked to keep Bev Rogan informed of any Lethbridge events or publicity related to this project. Please contact me with information that I can forward to the Quilts for Japan address if you organize something with another group. Thanks to all those who have expressed interest in this project. I look forward to a bountiful collection of quilts for Japan.
As always, please write or call if you have any questions or concerns.
Cheryl Atkinson

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