Sunday, January 13, 2008

First Meet of Year

We had a very productive 1st meeting. Susan's daughter Kelly has been super busy using fabric samples that were donated by a salesperson through Hopscotch. The first two quilts are her doing:

This is what Susan's Christmas project turned out like:

Here's the updated Juarez quilt. Anna added the on-point rail fence block. Kath is going to add another border with yo-yos then it is ready to quilt. We are going to raffle this quilt off with all proceeds going to Juarez, either the orphanage or the next housing project. There is still enough fabric specifically donated for our Juarez cause that we could make 2 or 3 more full sized quilts. So much fun!!

Stay tuned for more updates next week (I hope . . . )

1 comment:

Nikki and Shane said...

I love that purple quilt and the "snippets" ideas are SO adorable. Kath, you look fabulous ... I miss you! Mom said she saw you guys in Winnipeg at the airport of all places. Hope you are all well. Hi to Ziff and the family from me!