Saturday, June 16, 2007

MCC Auction: Friday Results

These are LBCQ's quilts that were sold on Friday. In total that night, the auction proceeds were $16,000.

Education in Blue


Baby Rail Fence

Sage Brick Road

Winding Ways
Editor's Opinion: That's too bad.

Dora's I Spy

Baby Alphabet

Brown Card Trick

Editor's Opinion: YAY


Nicole & Shane said...

Agree with the too bad comment. That is a gorgeous quilt! I have a grandmother's fan quilt that reminds me a lot of that one. Worth so much more.

Again I need to state how much I wish I could have been in Coaldale for this auction because I would have bid way more to get my hands on Lollypop ... so cute!

Lisa said...

Stuff that goes at the beginning of the sale never has as good a chance as when buyers are warmed up. Oh well.

On the up side. The person who bought the Winding Ways quilt was the piecer's Uncle. That's cool.

Jane said...

Beautiful Quilts Lisa!
You guys are amazing.